Diversity and Equality Group

Over-arching Purpose

The Diversity and Equality Group has been established in order to identify groups who are under-represented within the BGS workforce – either in general or in particular areas / grades - , to seek to understand the reasons for this under-representation, and to oversee the development and implementation of actions to promote the development of a more diverse and inclusive workforce.

The BGS recognises that gender equality is a particular issue within science careers and, in order to address this within a recognised framework, the Steering Group will also serve as Self Assessment team for the BGS progression within the Athena SWAN accreditation process.

Specific Aims:

  • To promote an awareness of the diversity agenda and its importance to BGS and NERC strategy throughout the organisation
  • To ensure that the agenda becomes an intrinsic part of all strategic and operational planning.
  • To create an inclusive environment that allows all staff, students and visiting scientists to fully contribute to BGS/NERC strategy and to develop careers.
  • To oversee the development and implementation of an action plan to address areas of under-representation within the workforce, and to monitor the effectiveness of actions taken within this plan.
  • To oversee the development of frameworks and mechanisms of support and development for staff members in response to identified needs.
  • To drive and support BGS’ progress towards the achievement of accreditation with Athena SWAN.


  • To instigate diversity surveys to identify areas for review
  • To analyse data relating to the BGS applicants and workforce, in order to identify any patterns of under-representation or discrimination.
  • To consult widely with staff, students and visiting scientists and listen to their views and experiences in order to better understand the barriers experienced within the BGS.
  • To bench-mark BGS’ workforce data against similar organisation(s), seeking to better understand and interpret this data, and to identify opportunities to learn from best practice.
  • To review and update BGS policies and procedures where required
  • To support the preparation and submission of an application for Athena SWAN accreditation and on-going delivery of identified actions for improvement.


The membership aims to represent the breadth of the BGS workforce – in terms of grade, gender, job role, age etc. It aims to ensure a diverse range of viewpoints and experiences are represented and shared at meetings.

Meeting Arrangements

  • The Diversity Steering Group will meet at least three times per year.
  • Meeting arrangements will be co-ordinated by the H.R. Business Partner and secretary
  • Steering Group members will make every effort to attend meetings as regularly as possible
  • Summary notes of meetings will be forwarded to the Executive Team for information and will also be made available to all BGS staff via the intranet