Billy's Basement Bakers Club

Billy's Basement Bakers club

Cake-baking staff at the British Geological Survey have celebrated raising more than £2000 for the homeless charity Framework by launching their own recipe book.

Billy's Basement Bakers club cakes

Scientists and support staff, concerned by the level of rough sleeping in the Nottingham area, have already raised more than £2000 by holding regular office cake-sales. They now hope to supplement that income by launching a new book of their favourite recipes.

Members of the Billy's Basement Bakers club (William Smith was a renowned 19th century geologist) printed a small number of the books in June for the benefit of family and friends and quickly sold out. Now, buoyed by that success, they have ordered another print-run for general sale at £5 each.

Jackie Swift, who helps run the club, explained: 'Framework is a great cause and we have really enjoyed raising money for them. We were wondering how we could take our baking forward and came up with this recipe book idea. It contains over 60 recipes from all of our bakers, including 12-year old Henry!, and is suitable for both beginners and experts alike. We were so pleased with how popular it was that we thought we' d make it more widely available.'

Who is Billy? William Smith

Where is the basement? On the lower ground floor of the William Smith Building (WSB) at BGS Keyworth.

Who are the bakers? Scientists and support staff of the BGS.


E-mail Jackie Swift for more details or to order a copy of the book.