About Changing Water Cycle projects

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The Changing Water Cycle programme has twelve projects with research across a range of spatial scales (global to regional) and with some focussing on particular geographical areas.

The following five projects focus on the UK/European geographical area; these commenced in 2010:

  • Using observational evidence and process understanding to improve predictions of extreme rainfall change (CONVEX)
  • Hydrological extremes and feedbacks in the changing water cycle (HydEF)
  • Hydrological cycle understanding via process-based global detection, attribution and prediction (PAGODA)
  • Soil water – climate feedbacks in Europe in the 21st Century (SWELTER-21)

Five projects focus on South Asia; these projects commenced in 2012:

Two projects commenced in 2013:

  • Changes in urbanisation and its effects on water quantity and quality from local to regional scale (POLLCURB)
  • Hydrology-phosphorus interactions under changing climate and land-use: overcoming uncertainties and challenges for prediction to 2050 (Nutcat2050)

Related projects

Current research projects, funded from sources other than the Changing Water Cycle programme but studying related questions, include:

  • Probability, Uncertainty & Risk in the Environment (PURE), a NERC action which has two elements: a research programme - the PURE programme, and a research and knowledge exchange network- the PURE network.
  • Biodiversity & Ecosystem Service Sustainability (BESS), a NERC research programme which aims to contribute to our understanding of the functional role of biodiversity in key ecosystem processes.
  • Macronutrient Cycles, a NERC research programme which aims to quantify the scales (magnitude and spatial/temporal variation) of N and P fluxes and nature of transformations through the catchment under a changing climate and perturbed C cycle.
  • UK Droughts & Water Scarcity. The objective of this programme is to support improved decision-making in relation to droughts and water scarcity by providing research identifying, predicting and responding to the interrelationships between their multiple drivers and impacts.
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