BGSPT - Analysis software

Programs to simulate and analyse pumping tests in large-diameter wells


Pumping tests are traditionally analysed using simple graphical or type-curve methods. Such techniques become impractical when more than two or three parameters have to be determined and then computer-based techniques need to be employed. BGSPT is such a computer program. It has two elements: one for analysing pumping tests (PTFIT), and the other to simulate time-drawdown behaviour for a specified set of parameters (PTSIM). The model upon which both elements are based is a well, fully-penetrating a semi-confined aquifer of infinite extent.

Diagram of model variables


Features of the program include:

  • accommodates large-diameter wells (although can be used for any radius of well)
  • automatic parameter estimation and confidence limits
  • simultaneously analyses for multiple observation wells
  • variable pumping rates allowed; includes slug tests
  • incorporates well losses and therefore analyses step tests
  • analyses pumping tests and simulates time-drawdown behaviour for double-porosity systems
  • mathematical basis of the model described in detail
  • DOS-based, no graphics facility

Installation and Download

Please read our software disclaimer.

To install BGSPT on your PC:

  • Download the installation file BGSPTzip.exe (122kb)
  • create a directory for the BGSPT code on your PC
  • the executable files, sample input and output files and readme are compressed into the self-extracting zip file (BGSPTzip.exe). Place this in the BGSPT directory on your PC
  • Unzip the file into the BGSPT directory by double-clicking on it.
  • Instructions for using the program are given in the manual, BGSPTmanual.pdf (272kb).


The original version of this program was developed by John Barker for the analysis of pumping tests performed in Bangladesh as part of the IDA 4000 Deep Tubewell II Project, funded by the UK's Department for International Development (DFID). Further development was undertaken within the Basement Aquifer Research Project (1984-1989), also funded by DFID. In the years since 1989, John Barker has developed the program further to allow more flexibility. In 1996, John Barker moved from the British Geological Survey (BGS) to the Department of Geological Sciences of University College London (UCL).

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