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North America (USA and Canada)

Vice President Dr Sandra Barr sandra.barr@acadiau.ca

South (Latin) America

This region to include Mexico and Central America.

Vice President Dr Arlei Benedito Macedo abmacedo@usp.br


Includes all countries of the EU plus Switzerland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Moldavia, Bulgaria, Albania, Yugoslavia, Macedonia, Albania, Bosnia-Herzogovenia, Croatia, Turkey.

Vice President Dr Vaclav Nemec lidmila.nemcova@quick.cz


Vice President Dr Gbenga Okunlola gbengaokunlola@yahoo.com


Includes south, south-east and central Asia and countries of the 'Middle East' (West Asia). Bordered in the north by southern border of Russian Federation. In south excludes Australia and New Zealand and Pacific islands south and east of Indonesia.

Vice President Prof. Viqar Hussain viqarpk@yahoo.com



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