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Geoscience and Development

For many years AGID published a regular journal, AGID NEWS, which after almost seventy editions was superseded by its new journal, Geoscience and Development. The journals were intended keep AGID members up to date with their associationís activities and with geoscientific news from around the world and to publish articles on topics related to geoscience and development.

The last edition of Geoscience and Development, No 9, was published in 2005 and can be downloaded by clicking on the image to the right. Due to budgetry constraints publication in hard copy has had to be discontinued but discussion is ongoing concerning a future web-based publication of similar scope.

AGID Geoscience Newsletter

AGID, with support from UNESCO, produces a quarterly Geoscience Newsletter compiled by Dr Shrikant Limaye and distributed to approximately 700 recipients worldwide. To see the latest edition of the Geoscience Newsletter, click here.

Front cover for Geoscience and Development, September 2005. Click to download magazine. © AGID

Geoscience and Development No 9. September 2005.

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