Financial summary

With the decline in membership subscriptions AGID’s reserves of funding held centrally are nearing exhaustion. The IUGS grant of $500 for 2007 allowed a limited number of AGID activities to proceed and all AGID’s administrative costs were met entirely from reserves. AGID gratefully acknowledges this grant which was entirely spent in low-income developing countries. To allow AGID activities to proceed for a further year, particularly its participation in the schools IYPE project in low income countries of Africa and Asia, and award of fieldwork scholarships to developing country students, AGID requests a grant of $1500 from IUGS for 2009.

AGID’s William Greenwood Scholarships are small grants to aid postgraduate geoscience students in developing countries to carry out fieldwork in support of their studies. In late 2006, a total four awards were made (Africa, 3 and Asia,1). A call has gone out for applicants and a small number of awards will be made in 2009 to the extent that funding reserves permit.

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Sociologists interviewing small scale miners in Guyana. BGS © NERC