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AGIDs objectives are met through an ongoing programme of activities as detailed below:
  • the organisation of scientific, technical and other conferences, seminars, workshops and courses on the role of earth scientists in international development and the application of the geosciences to the solution of problems of developing nations;
  • the promotion of regional cooperation between countries facing similar geoscience problems;
  • the encouragement of adequate training for earth scientists and other geoscientific personnel of developing countries, and also the encouragement of the use of these trained personnel in their home countries;
  • the promotion of better coordination among the various agencies involved in geoscience-based assistance to less developed countries;
  • the promotion of better selection of geoscientific and related personnel for international service, in particular through the more widespread use of local talent and expertise in geoscientific programmes undertaken in developing countries;
  • the publication and dissemination of information, ideas and experiences concerning the needs for, and availability of, trained personnel and expertise, on the results of geoscience-based programmes in developing countries or relevant to developing country needs, and on other aspects of international cooperation in the earth sciences.

Current and past activities

AGID has achieved much since it was founded in 1974; holding and delivering training courses, organising conferences and providing financial assistance for students from developing countries. AGID has organised and/or supported a total of well over one hundred geoscientific projects, workshops, conferences and field seminars in Asia, Africa, Latin America, North America, Europe, Australia and the Pacific, and many of its national groups also have active programmes of events.

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Farmlime workshop held by Clive Mitchell of the British Geological Survey for members of a local agricultural co-operative, Solwezi, Zambia. BGS © NERC
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