Environmental Protection Department

The role of the Environmental Protection Department is defined in the draft Minerals Law in the following terms. The Environmental Protection Department is responsible, in coordination with the other State authorities, for the protection of the environment, social welfare, local and indigenous populations and the natural and cultural heritage in connection with Mineral Activities.

In particular, the Department will be responsible for:

  • the recommendation and enforcement of Mining Regulations concerning the environmental and social protection with regard to Mineral Activities
  • the technical evaluation of Mitigation and Rehabilitation Plan (MRP) submitted for Exploration Licences
  • the technical evaluation of Environmental Impact Statements (EIS) and Environmental Management Plans (EMP) submitted by Applicants for Exploitation Licences, and
  • monitoring compliance by operators with the environmental and social requirements of the Law, the Mining Regulations and MRPs and EMPs

Further information on Environmental and Social Protection can be found in Chapter VI of the draft Minerals Law.