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Documents Associated with Aynak Tender

Tender Announcement - 30/08/2006
Companies selected for Aynak Tender - November 2006

Request for Expression of Interest (English version)
Request for Expression of Interest (Dari version)

The documents listed below provide a summary of the geological information available in Afghanistan on the Aynak Copper Deposit. This information has been compiled by the British Geological Survey (BGS) and the Afghanistan Geological Survey (AGS) with the purpose of promoting the Aynak deposit to the world.

Part I - Introduction
Part II - Geological setting of Aynak and summary of exploration
Part III - Preliminary report on results of geological exploration on Aynak copper deposits from 1974 to 1976
Part IV - Darband copper deposits
Part V - Other copper occurences in the Kabul block
Part VI - Bibliography on the Aynak copper deposits
Part VII - Aynak borehole database
Part VIII - Geological maps and sections
Part IX - Minerals law of Afganistan 2005
Part X - Acknowledgements
Part XI - Creation of Vulcan 3D model

Note: To view the above files you will need a PDF reader such as
Adobe Acrobat Reader or Foxit PDF Reader

Powerpoint presentations

BGS have modelled the Aynak deposit using the 3D Vulcan modelling package. To see screen shots and video clips from this model, please click here


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