Consideration of the Terms of Reference 12

To assess the extent to which BGS science programmes and core mission are supported and enhanced by external funding as an indication of the need by the user community for the research, monitoring, survey and data management functions.

  1. BGS could not run its science budget funded programme without the cost recovery afforded by its externally funded work. External earnings have risen from £10.2m net in 2000/01 to £12.6m in 2002/03. Co-funding of science programmes has increased from £0.853m gross in 2000/01 to £1095m gross in 2002/03. All parts of the programme have been successful in attracting co-funding for research, surveying monitoring data management and science and society activities.

  2. The panel concluded that the BGS response to the Foot and Mouth crisis was exemplary. The UK Government, devolved administrations and agencies were able to fulfill their obligations due to the 24-hour provision of quality advice from BGS.

  3. The National Seismic Monitoring Network and Information Service is an example where co-funding is provided by a consortium including central government where one of the objectives is to ensure the safety of the UK population - a strong indication of need by the user community.

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