Information Fair Trader Scheme (IFTS)

The British Geological Survey (BGS) has achieved accreditation under the Information Fair Trader Scheme (IFTS) from the Director of the Office of Public Sector Information (OPSI).

BGS Executive Director’s statement of commitment to IFTS

I am personally committed to making sure that we trade fairly in information, and fully support the BGS's existing accreditation under the Office of Public Sector Information (OPSI) Information Fair Trader Scheme (IFTS). To show the continued strength of my commitment, both in the BGS and to our customers, I have asked OPSI to begin the process of re-verification that the organisation and decision making of BGS continue to support this commitment in practice.

I will insist that we strictly follow a simple, open and transparent system of trading that meets the terms of the Competition Act 1998. My aim is that, in principle, we can meet all the needs of anyone who applies for a licence to re-use information for any purpose.

The role of information trading is written into our business model. We set prices, and methods for setting prices (such as royalty schemes), in line with the role of information trading within my business model. We publish them on our website and strictly follow them.

In the unlikely event of there being any exceptions to our standard prices and licences, these will be published and described on our website.

I am committed to maximising re-use of BGS’s information by reducing as far as possible the administrative burden on people who re-use public sector information. I will make sure that we use processes for trading information that are similar to those of the rest of the public sector. I welcome innovative re-use of BGS’s information.

I will tell the Controller of HMSO about any complaints I receive where my organisation has broken this commitment, and I will investigate them thoroughly. If OPSI decide to investigate a complaint, I will allow the OPSI investigation team to see the relevant staff and records. I will report complaints regularly to the Advisory Panel on Public Sector Information.

Professor John Ludden
Executive Director,
British Geological Survey
May 2010