BGS Executive

The Executive is the main decision-making body of the BGS and has responsibility for the corporate governance of the BGS. The responsibility for setting the strategic direction of the science programmes lies with John Ludden, Mike Stephenson and the Science Directors (SDs).

Prof. John Ludden — Executive Director

Photograph of Prof John Ludden
John has overall responsibility for the scientific direction and operational management of the BGS. John's focus for 2013-14 is to: lead the review of the BGS ownership and governance model, develop and implement UK earth sector national capability plans, further integrate BGS science with higher education institutions (HEIs) and overhaul BGS project/finance systems.

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Prof. Mike Stephenson — Director of Science and Technology

Photograph of Prof. Mike Stephenson Mike’s role is to ensure the effective delivery and monitoring of BGS science programmes; aligning BGS strategy with NERC strategy. Mike is focused on deploying cutting-edge technologies, such as subsurface sensor networks and real time monitoring, and establishing a clear path from data to science — using ‘big data’. Mike is also tasked with improving links between the BGS, HEIs and industry. Mike is a national spokesperson for BGS science; most recently on shale gas and carbon capture and storage.

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Dr Mike Patterson — Chief Operating Officer

Photograph of Dr Mike Patterson Mike’s role is to ensure effective deployment of BGS resources. His responsibilities include: communications, global business development, health and safety, finance, HR, IT, IPR and publications. Mike's focus for 2013-14 is on: developing overseas work, reviewing BGS governance/ownership, the BGS Edinburgh relocation to Heriot-Watt and overhauling our project/finance systems.

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Marion Squires — Head of HR

Photograph of Marion SquiresMarion works with the BGS Executive to produce staffing plans/forecasts, advises on NERC policy and UK employment legislation, and considers the implications to staff of any major change proposals. Marion is also the BGS senior representative on several NERC HR committees.

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Amanda Clewes — Head of Finance

Photograph of Amanda ClewesAmanda works with the BGS Executive to produce our strategic financial plans/forecasts to ensure that they are accurate and compliant with NERC policy, government (BIS) and EU guidelines. Amanda also works with BGS science directors to achieve business and strategic objectives, whilst evaluating the risk and consequence of any major change proposals. Amanda is also the BGS senior representative on NERC Finance committees and the NERC EC finance coordinator.