Operations Directorate | Business Development

Photograph of Jennifer Forster
Jennifer Forster
Acting Head of Business Development

The Business Development team promotes BGS’s services, data and information products to a wide range of current and prospective clients. We achieve this through exhibitions, seminars, and one-to-one meetings and the provision of promotional material targeted at a wide variety of sectors. Clients include central, devolved and local government, government agencies, the EU, policy makers, insurers, environmental industries, homebuyers, value-added resellers, utilities and companies directly involved with water, energy, minerals and waste.

Each Marketing Manager is responsible for key areas of external work including, energy, water, minerals and data products. They also act as client managers to key customers within both the public and private sectors.

You may wish to contact a member of the Business Development Team to discuss your particular data needs or problems or to arrange a meeting – perhaps at one of our events? The following page will tell you more about the staff within UKBD who can be contacted through our Central Enquiry Help Desk Tel: 0115 936 3143 or by email: enquiries@bgs.ac.uk.