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Photograph of Richard Ellison
Richard Ellison
BGS Global Geoscience Team

Richard joined the BGS immediately after graduating in Geology at Southampton University in 1972. From that time until 2006 he has worked widely in the UK, Peru, Hong Kong, and most recently the United Arab Emirates. His particular areas of expertise include mapping, stratigraphical and structural analysis, and work on sedimentary sequences, volcanic terranes and Quaternary processes. Richard has significant experience in urban geology and was Regional Geologist for the London mapping project (1992-99) and subsequently manager of the BGS Urban Geoscience sub-programme and Regional Geologist for South-West England (1999-2006). From 1994 to 1998 he was also UK Representative on the UN ESCAP Forum for Urban Geology in Asia and the Pacific. He joined BGS International as a Regional Manager in April 2006 and is currently managing BGS's work in the UAE.

Richard Ellison with film crew

The BGS has worked in over 100 countries to become a leading provider of applied geoscience services.

We have an extensive programme of international research, surveying and monitoring, including major institutional strengthening programmes in the developing world. Our work is directed towards scientific advancement and development issues such as: the sustainable benefits from natural resources; protection of people and of the natural environment; improving quality of life, and poverty alleviation.

We coordinate BGS scientists and field staff to fulfil a wide range of international activities, along with independent experts, commercial consultants, universities and private sector organisations that can provide additional specialist skills.

Projects range from short-term expert consultancies to work lasting several years.

The BGS Global Geoscience team can draw on the experience of over 600 BGS staff who have worked on overseas projects.