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Bowland High Group

Computer Code: BOHI Preferred Map Code: BOHI
Status Code: Full
Age range: Courceyan Substage (CF) — Chadian Substage (CI)
Lithological Description: Pale to dark grey, packstone and wackestone with subordinate grainstones, partings and thin beds of calcareous mudstone and calcareous siltstone. Mudmound reef (Waulsortian) limestones are present in the upper part of the group.
Definition of Lower Boundary: Not exposed or proved
Definition of Upper Boundary: The uppermost limestone of the Bowland High Group, overlain by mudstones of the Hodder Mudstone Formation, marked by regional unconformity.
Thickness: Up to 2340 m thickness known (base not proved).
Geographical Limits: The Craven Basin between Clitheroe and Skipton.
Parent Unit: Carboniferous Limestone Supergroup (CL)
Previous Name(s): In Part: Chatburn Limestone Group (-72)
In Part: Worston Shale Group (-73)
Carboniferous Limestone [Obsolete entry, see Supplementary Information] (-4550)
Alternative Name(s): none recorded or not applicable
Type Area  Clitheroe, Lancashire, -see component Chatburn Limestone and Clitheroe Limestone formations for reference sections. Earp et al.,1961; Fewtrell and Smith, 1980. 
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