Survey data | Attribute descriptions

CRUISE_ID NUMBER Unique identifier of a cruise record.
MDFILEID_NERC_GUID TEXT Unique identifier for the representation of the metadata, i.e. a different value is required for each metadata standard or version that the metadata is represented in. The value to output as MD_Metadata.fileIdentifier for representations of the metadata in NERC/GEMINI2/INSPIRE ISO 19139 xml files.
CRUISE TEXT Name by which a cruise is known.
CRUISE_DATA_URL TEXT Location of the survey data.
TERMS_OF_USE TEXT Terms under which the data can be used.
TERMS_OF_USE_URL TEXT Location of the terms of use.
CRUISE_ALIAS TEXT Alternative names by which an individual cruise may be identified.
RESTITLE TEXT Brief title for the cruise.
SHIP TEXT Name of the ship used on the survey.
CLIENT TEXT Name of the client for whom the cruise was undertaken.
CONTRACTOR TEXT Name of the contractor who undertook the cruise on behalf of the client.
CRUISE_AREA TEXT Name of the sea area(s) covered by the survey. Each group of sea areas is preceded by the category to which it belongs e.g. Offshore 1:250k: Spurn.
ABSTRACT TEXT Brief description of the cruise.
ADDITIONAL_INFO NUMBER Any additional information relating to the acquisition techniques, operational standards and quality control of the survey data.
NAV_EQUIP_TYPE TEXT Type of navigation equipment used on the cruise.
GEOPHYS_EQUIP_TYPE TEXT Type of geophysical equipment used on the cruise.
SAMP_EQUIP_TYPE TEXT Type of sampling equipment used on the cruise.
START_DATE DATE Date on which the cruise commenced.
START_DATE_EST TEXT Whether the date on which the cruise commenced is actual or estimated.
END_DATE DATE Date on which the cruise ended.
END_DATE_EST TEXT Whether the date on which the cruise ended is actual or estimated.
CONFIDENTIALITY TEXT Confidentiality classification.
ACCESSUSE_RESTRIC TEXT Access and use restrictions.
SHAPE_WGS84 SDO_GEOMETRY Polygon in WGS84 (SRID=4326) of the cruise area.