Project data

The British Geological Survey has access to a wide range of data, including BGS-owned data and data purchased or licensed from third parties. Most of this is available for use in Thames basin projects*. This data has been compiled into an extensive GIS (geographical information system), which can be used to support any Thames basin project, including collaborative research.

Future Thames Interactive Map

The Future Thames iMap is an interactive compendium of key geological datasets available within the Thames Basin Catchment area. Further details will be made available at a later date.

3D modelling projects within the Thames basin region

Our OpenGeoscience portal allows access to a wealth of geological data, including geological mapping, mineral statistics and photographs. Other, more specialized BGS datasets, such as GeoSure (ground stability hazard mapping) and 3D geological models are available through our Digital Products website.

In addition to BGS data, the FutureThames project has access to a variety of external data, either licensed from collaborating organisations or third parties or freely downloadable from external websites*.

Take a look at our FutureThames data compendium including both BGS and external data.

[*Licences permitting — some data is restricted to non-commercial research only].

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