Second Meeting: 2–3 April 2014: Meeting Presentations

Host: Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris (IPGP)

1 rue Jussieu, 75005 Paris


Meeting Presentations

Infrastructure proposals – ESFRI

The state of preparedness and ongoing activities:

  • Example: EPOS (Massimo Cocco)

Global Earth Models

  1. Global Earthquake Model & Global Volcano Model (Anslem Smolka)
  2. Global strain rate model (Richard Walters, Leeds University)
  3. OneGeology Global (Marko Komac)
  4. Global seismic tomography (Jean-Paul Montagner, IPGP)
  5. Global plate tectonics and geodynamics (Carmen Gaina, CEED, University of Oslo)
  6. Paradigm shift in the orientation of geosciences R&D programs: the RGF example (Patrick Landais, BRGM)
  7. A new ECORD in a new IODP (Gilbert Camoin, CEREGE)

Meeting Report