EarthScienceEurope 2016 – the next steps

In August 2015, a letter was circulated to previous meeting attendees proposing the next step: To establish an Earth Science Board for Europe.

The response was very supportive of the overarching ambition: to provide representation in Europe for Earth science and Earth scientists in the form of an Earth Science Board.

It was generally agreed that strength was in unity, in speaking with a single voice to impress the importance to society of earth science: that understanding the geosystem is key to our very survival. We (society) depend upon it for a safe place to live and a sustainable supply of natural resources. Questions raised nevertheless, included the precise remit of such a board, its membership (it was stressed that it must be wholly representative of the community), and how it might achieve recognition at European – and EC – level. The next step was to come together to address these questions.

We subsequently held a meeting at the Annual European Geological Union Assembly, details below.

Towards an Earth Science Board and a voice in Europe for Earth Science.

17:30 to 19:00 Tuesday 19 April at the EGU General Assembly 2016, Vienna, Austria.

The meeting report is now available.

In conclusion there was unanimous support for our community having a voice and formal representation at European level, in the form of a European Earth Science Board (ESB).

If you would like to comment or contribute to the next stage, drafting a White Paper elaborating on the form that the ESB might take, please contact us.