People like to dream: about the origin of the Earth, the universe and life itself People need to be safe: from natural hazards especially catastrophic events People want to be comfortable: to have a secure supply of energy, water and raw materials

Earth science research helps underpin all of this.

Earth Science Europe is a grass-roots initiative. Through the process, begun in October 2012 and subsequent actions, the solid-Earth science community has begun to self-organize behind some key science initiatives and to define the infrastructure needs and overarching vision for solid-Earth science in Europe. ESE aims to provide a voice for the community in Europe, to promote collaboration across the spectrum of research and the translation of geological data and knowledge delivery. The community includes representatives of many European organizations and associations including EGU, EAGE, EGS, EAG, EFG, European projects, and programmes and research infrastructures, cutting-edge scientists in our field including ERC award-holders, and industry representatives. ESE has met formally three times, and held an online consultation in order to involve a greater proportion of the community and its stakeholders. Moving forward, we aim to establish formal representation for our community, in the form of a European Earth Science Board.

Our community MISSION:

To make new discoveries and inspiration to better understand the history and internal dynamics of our planet, and to provide society with data, to better manage knowledge and live more wisely on our planet.

Developing Earth Science for Europe

This brochure is the first product of the initiative. Aiming to provide a high-level vision for ESE aimed at policy makers, funders, industry and public, a digital version is NOW available for download.

Foreword from the writing team

Earth Science Europe Map Image

The Solid Earth Science community needs to work together without boundaries to make new discoveries

  • Policy makers need guidance
  • Innovators need information
  • Society demands on the solid Earth continue to grow as the need for living space grows alongside the demand for resources