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Mining Inspectorate Department

The Mining Inspectorate Department will be responsible for the financial and technical evaluation of applications for Mineral Rights, and inspecting and supervising mineral activities with regard to safety, health, work procedures, production, processing and similar activities.

The Mining Inspectorate will be authorised to:

•   issue its opinion on the financial and technical evaluation of applications
•   inspect operating sites and facilities, and the books and records of the mineral operators
•   monitor and enforce compliance with the terms of the Mineral Rights including payment of Surface Rights Fees
•   issue orders, fines and penalties as provided by the Minerals Law, and
•   require the production of information in order to carry out its functions

The Mining Inspectorate will be also responsible for collection and compiling of statistics on the production and sale of products from Mines and Quarries.

The organisational structure and operation of the Inspectorate will be established by order of the Minister of Mines and Industries and published in the Official Gazette.

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