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Welcome to the website of the
Afghanistan Geological Survey

This site is hosted by and managed for the Afghanistan Government by the British Geological Survey

November 2008 -
Abdullah Geology and Mineral Resources of Afghanistan reports available.
July 2008 -
Map of industrial minerals of Kabul
June 2008 -
Industrial Minerals of Afghanistan (published in Industrial Minerals)
October 2007 -
Online search for documents held by the AGS
July 2007 -
Afghan marble showcase
November 2006 -
Companies selected for Aynak tender
August 2006 -
Opening ceremony
Tender for the Aynak copper deposit
Mining Journal supplement

This is the official website of the Afghanistan Geological Survey (AGS), a component body of the Afghanistan Ministry of Mines (MoM). It is dedicated to providing information on the geology of Afghanistan and to promoting interest in the country’s mineral resources.

The Afghanistan Geological Survey is the National custodian of geoscientific information and assists and advises the Government on all policies related to metalliferous minerals, industrial minerals, coal, hydrocarbons, precious and semi-precious stones, water resources, and geotechnical and environmental geology.

Newly renovated building

The website has been developed by the British Geological Survey under the auspices of a technical cooperation project with the Afghanistan Geological Survey. The United States Geological Survey and the World Bank are also providing assistance to the minerals sector and and have made additional contributions to the site.


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